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Four Generations of Caring for Generations to Come

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Tribute is your single point of contact for cemetery products and services that enhance your operation’s revenue, expansion or development.  As a family owned and operated business for four generations, we continue to honor our commitment of supporting cemeteries for successful operations now and for many generations to come.

By exceeding the expectations of cemetery owners and managers – and the families they serve – our clients trust us to provide ongoing operational support and assistance as well as to expertly handle future projects from construction to management to consulting.

Our Mission: to provide exceptional products and services to exceptional cemetery, crematory and funeral home owners and operators.

Cemetery Layout, Design, Enhancement and Construction Services

Tribute Design Systems offers cemetery layout, design and construction services, including:

  • Funeral Home, Life Center and Cemetery Architecture and Land Planning
    • Cemetery Master Planning
    • Cemetery Site Planning
    • Design and Build for Administration Buildings
    • Design and Build for Maintenance Facilities
    • Design and Build for Chapel Buildings, which may or may not include cemetery inventory.
    • Mausoleum Design and Construction
    • Columbarium Niche Design and Construction
    • Cremation Garden Design and Development
  • Cemetery, Life Center, Cremation Garden and Funeral Home Construction Administration

Tribute’s architects provide creative and resourceful design services and partner with leaders within the profession to make certain your operation’s design provides practical solutions to best serve your families and the communities.  Tribute understands the importance of communicating with its clients throughout the design process to ensure ideas, visions and goals are met while working within a specific budget.

Interment (Burial) Products and Cemetery Accessories

Tribute also owns and operates a state-of-the-art division that manufactures the best quality precast burial products in the industry including:

  • Mausoleum Crypts
  • Columbarium Niches
  • Lawn Crypts
  • Outer Burial Containers/Vaults
  • Cemetery Accessories

All Tribute precast concrete manufacturing facilities are certified by the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) which requires stringent standards in the manufacturing quality and safety process.

Cemetery Consulting and Management Services

As a premier cemetery and consulting firm, Tribute provides industry proven solutions for the end-of-life profession. We offer best practices for sales, record-keeping, burial procedures, administrative/operational procedures, cemetery planning, budgeting and other areas of cemetery management, including:

  • Revenue Sources (including Cemetery Perpetual Care Funds)
  • Sales Management and Support, including lead procurement and prospecting techniques
  • Operations Analysis and cost efficiency advice.
  • Administrative Support
  • Grounds Maintenance Support, Guidelines and Procedures

Cemetery Services Company Provides Comprehensive Turn-Key Solutions

Unlike other cemetery services companies, Tribute takes a progressive and unique approach ­– focusing not on death, but on life and the celebration of it once it ends. Our cemetery products and services are created to honor and memorialize the deceased, as well as cater to the needs of the bereaved and to our cemetery and funeral homeowners, managers and board of directors. Our ability to provide turn-key solutions at cost-effective prices makes Tribute the preferred choice for all cemeteries, regardless of size or type.  Tribute can resolve just about any issue which may arise. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, real world solutions for the end-of-life profession.

Tribute is your one point of contact for all cemetery products and services. Our cemetery supply company is proud to offer comprehensive, real world solutions to the end of life profession. As a family owned and operated business for over four generations, we continue to honor our commitment of supporting cemeteries for many generations to come.