Benefits of Precast Mausoleum Construction

Cemetery Supply Company Explains Why Precast Mausoleum Construction is the Preferred Choice

There are many benefits to precast mausoleum construction, most importantly construction efficiency, structural integrity and strength, and overall cost-effectiveness. Below, our cemetery supply company explains the value behind choosing precast mausoleum construction over poured-in systems.

Weather: Since precast mausoleums are constructed in a constant temperature controlled plant adverse weather conditions have virtually no effect on precast mausoleum construction. Poured-in mausoleum construction methods, however, depend greatly on weather conditions. If the weather is too hot during poured-in construction there is a risk of the concrete drying too quickly and cracking. Conversely, if the outdoor temperatures fall below 40 degrees construction be slowed or halted completely. If construction must move forward then additional costs are incurred for the implementation of provisional heated enclosures.

Suppliers: Precast cemetery supply companies are fully equipped with all the materials necessary to construct precast mausoleums year-round. On the other hand, poured-in construction depends heavily on the supply and demand of local ready mix companies. These ready mix companies must consistently produce high quality concrete, as well as have enough skilled workers to perform the manual work involved in this laborious method.

Curing: The ready materials, skilled labor and factory controlled conditions enable precast mausoleum construction to be completed ahead of schedule. This time-efficient advantage also enables precast cemetery supply companies to perform advanced testing of the concrete’s structural integrity before delivering it on site. The ability to produce precast mausoleums ahead of schedule and perform early testing procedures means by the time the precast mausoleum is delivered it has already reached its maximum strength. Poured-in methods are much more finicky. Without regulated factory controlled climates curation is much more unreliable. Poured-in methods require three cinders to be tested for strength and structural integrity. If the cylinder tests fail, all mausoleum crypts from the tested batch must be completely redone. When this occurs, mausoleum construction can be delayed by weeks or even months.

Cost: Standardized designs, raw materials, skilled labor and the ability to produce consistent quality precast mausoleums all equates to cemetery cost-savings. Precast mausoleum crypts also take up roughly 10% less area due to the difference in wall thickness, yet they still offer the same amount of interior space as poured-in mausoleums. Precast mausoleums also weigh almost 40% less than poured-in structures, which can be major advantage when geographical location and soil integrity is a factor.

Time: The cost-saving benefits of precast cemetery products directly correlate to efficiency. Pre-engineered precast mausoleum designs eliminate the time-consuming manufacturing of individual mausoleums. An abundance of raw materials at hand eliminates time spent waiting on additional materials to arrive. A substantial crew of specialized skilled labor ensures plenty of reliable manpower to complete the job on-time. The ability to consistently produce high quality precast mausoleums through a controlled factory climate means you won’t be forced to wait for failed concrete cylinders to be re-mixed, re-poured and re-cured.

Disruption: Due to the highly efficient construction involved in precast mausoleums there is minimal disruption to the grounds, visitors and overall cemetery activities. Poured-in mausoleums, on the other hand, prove to be highly disruptive and for a longer period of time. With poured-in mausoleum construction cemeteries have to deal with large, loud trucks driving in and out on a daily basis. This is not only disruptive to visitors and regular cemetery activities it can also wreak havoc on the structural integrity and cleanliness of cemetery roadways.

The Cemetery Supply Company Serving Your Need for Precast Cemetery Products

Our cemetery supply company understands the importance of completing mausoleum construction on time and within budget, which is why we offer a variety of precast cemetery products, including mausoleums, outer burial containers, columbarium niches, lawn crypts and other cemetery accessories. As your single point of contact for all areas relating to the end of life profession, Tribute prides itself on providing real world solutions to a profession with a perpetual obligation to the clients they serve. When you want the best cemetery products and services at the most competitive prices, turn to Tribute. We’ll be there for you every step of the way, from cemetery layout, design and construction to ongoing cemetery consulting.