How the First Call Can Build Cemetery Opportunities

by David Line, General Sales Manager

Interments, burials, placements, services… whatever your location calls them… they are what cemeteries do, but we don’t always handle them the appropriate way and have the potential to lose out on a great deal of opportunities as a result. Laws pertaining to the funeral industry can vary from state to state which can become a headache for families during an already difficult time. This is particularly true in my home state of Wisconsin, where there is an anti-combo law which requires funeral homes to operate separately from cemeteries. As funeral professionals, we know and understand the laws, but families do not, so they are often left confused as to why they need to visit with separate funeral entities. Having a consistent structure to your first call is vital to provide a gratifying funeral planning experience for the grieving families you are meeting with while setting up your cemetery for future sales success.