Cremation Niche and Columbarium Designers, Builders and Manufacturers

Not only does Tribute design and construct columbariums for cemeteries, churches and funeral homes, but it provides exceptional precast concrete crypts and niches within the features and buildings either designed by Tribute or by other companies. (See Tribute Precast Systems, LLC for more information)

Our columbarium manufacturing capabilities allow you to design and construct virtually any size, shape or concept of a cremation columbarium niche unit that you desire. We are the premier cremation columbarium manufacturer and are proud to provide a variety of cremation columbarium designs including:

  • Free Standing Cremation Columbarium Niches
  • Private Garden Cremation Columbarium Niches
  • Feature Development for Cremation Columbarium Niches
  • Community Cremation Columbarium Niches
  • Mausoleum Crypt and Cremation Columbarium Niche Combinations
  • Pet Mausoleum and Cremation Columbarium Options

Contact Tribute today for more information on our Cremation Columbarium Niches.