Cremation Gardens

Knowing that final disposition choices are changing throughout the United States, Tribute Design Systems, LLC–a division of the Tribute Companies–can help you shape cremation burial options throughout your entire property. Knowing that a rapid return on investment is important to owners, we help you plan, develop and install cremation gardens that fit all budgets and cemetery sizes. Enhanced cremation sections bring a revitalized focus to your cemetery grounds and sales organizations by blending tradition with personalization.

We can help you design space to maximize inventory, bringing value and an understanding of the importance of permanent memorialization to the end-consumer and families you serve. Tribute can assist you with:

  • Phasing the development in order to be assured that design is profitable
  • Creation of a focal point within your property while creating dignified burial options
  • Make the most of the land while not simply selling you product that may sit in inventory for years
  • Helping you price the inventory appropriately to bring value to the consumer and profit to your organization

Contact Tribute today to learn more about Cremation Garden Planning and Development.