Our Services

For four generations the Toson family has served the needs of the deceased and their families within our Wisconsin cemeteries. The Tribute Companies owns four prominent cemeteries throughout Wisconsin and is proud to be distinguished as one of the few remaining family-owned and operated cemeteries in the state.  This ownership brings forth a sincere concern for the families we serve – before a death has occurred, during the planning stages when a death has occurred and for generations beyond.  We believe a cemetery should be a keeper of history, genealogy and memories encouraging our cemeteries to be places of tranquility and peace for the living.

“Four Generations Caring for Generations to Come” is the basis for the Tribute family of cemeteries and companies.

Committal Services

Our committal services and permanent memorialization will best represent your life or the life of your loved one. Our Wisconsin licensed cemetery professionals are dedicated to working with you to decide what kind of committal service will best represent the life of your loved one. Whether it is a particular prayer or story, hymn or genre of music, veterans salute, favorite excerpt or biblical reading, dove, butterfly or balloon release, catering, special farewell toasts or virtually anything else that would properly reflect the life that is being celebrated, we will help you to make these arrangements or simply offer guidance.

Permanent Memorialization and Burial Options

Our family-owned and operated cemeteries offer a vast array of permanent memorialization products within acres of beautifully maintained, park-like environments which hold generations of history. Our cemeteries are always working to incorporate progressive as well as traditional ways to leave a permanent story. Cemetery products are crafted with top of the line materials and constructed by the most highly skilled craftsman.

Funeral and Cemetery Pre-Planning

Our licensed Wisconsin cemetery planning professionals are available to assist you or a loved one through the process of funeral and cemetery pre-planning.  We understand funeral, cemetery and all other end-of-life-planning is not the easiest topic to discuss, but it is important. You can give your family members the gift of cemetery and funeral pre-planning – information they’ll need when you pass away helps them when that difficult time occurs.  Work with The Tribute Companies today to put YOUR arrangements in order.

All of our family-owned and operated cemeteries offer significant discounts and payment plans on cemetery and funeral pre-planning arrangements. Tribute encourages you to visit our peaceful and strikingly beautiful Wisconsin cemeteries located in Milwaukee, Wausau, Green Bay and Hartland. We are proud to serve these communities and those that surround them by offering the most compassionate, caring cemetery products and services available.

We can help you create a permanent legacy to tell a story of the life you lived for future generations.