Precast Cremation Columbarium Niche Manufacturers

Tribute manufactures the highest quality precast concrete crypts which are guaranteed to stand the test of time.  Manufactured in environmentally controlled manufacturing facilities that pass rigid standards of quality through the National Precast Concrete Association, our crypts allow for clean, expedited installation for mausoleum buildings of any size.

COMPANION Wider or deeper options are available to accommodate two cremation urns.

SINGLE Option to accommodate one cremation urn.

SINGLE (NEW SMALLER SIZE) Produced as a result of hearing from our customers who want to increase inventory within a smaller footprint or height.

PLASTIC LINED Precast concrete niches with an added plastic liner to assure families and owners the utmost, long term protection from elements outside of our control.

VETERAN’S ADMINISTRATION APPROVED COLUMBARIUM NICHES Specified to comply with Veteran’s Administration (VA) standards of production, Tribute manufactures high quality vaults for VA cemeteries throughout the country.

All Tribute precast concrete manufacturing facilities are certified by the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) which requires stringent standards to be passed over a long period of time. Tribute products are priced competitively so you receive the highest quality funeral and cemetery products at the very best value.

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