Lawn Crypts Balance Benefits of Crypt and Traditional In-Ground Burial

Tribute offers superior single depth or double depth lawn crypts for your cemetery development needs. Lawn crypts have proven to be a practical and economical burial option for families and cemeteries across the United States. This cost-effective burial option provides an ideal solution for cemeteries who have drainage issues, depleted inventory or restricted sales options for the families they serve.

These pre-installed outer burial containers increase property availability, enabling cemeteries to decrease their cost per square foot and allow for more inventory and revenue for future needs.

Some special features in our lawn crypt system include:

  • Flat Lids to Reduce Time of Excavation
  • Lid Construction Incorporating Steel Rebar for Superior Strength
  • Lids Including Stainless Steel Lifting Hooks and Cable Grooves at Each Corner
  • One Piece Inner Shelf in Double Depth Option

Tribute Companies Inc. is so much more than a cemetery supply company; we operate as a full-service firm, with three distinct, but complimentary divisions specializing in the end of life profession. From cemetery ownership and management and cemetery consulting to providing the industry’s best builders and cemetery architects, we are the one point of contact for competitively priced real life solutions for cemeteries throughout the United States and Canada. Whatever end of life profession needs you have, turn to The Tribute Companies Inc.

All Tribute precast concrete manufacturing facilities are certified by the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) which requires stringent standards to be passed over a long period of time. Tribute products are priced competitively so you receive the highest quality funeral and cemetery products at the very best value.

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