Precast Mausoleum Crypts for New or Existing Facilities

Tribute manufactures the highest quality precast concrete crypts which are guaranteed to stand the test of time.  Manufactured in environmentally controlled manufacturing facilities that pass rigid standards of quality through the National Precast Concrete Association, our crypts allow for clean, expedited installation for mausoleum buildings of any size.

COMPANION Side by side (referred to as Deluxe companion to consumers) layouts of crypts allow for a traditional above ground entombment option.

COUCH SINGLE OR DOUBLE Accommodate caskets that are placed lengthwise into a mausoleum structure.  These crypt configurations allow for grand granite or marble fronts and will offer your customers a premium option for above ground entombment..

RADIUS CRYPT CONFIGURATIONS Tribute’s precast crypts can also be produced and installed on a curved configuration, presenting a unique, architecturally interesting aesthetic. No longer do mausoleums need to be built with straight lines and boxy shapes!

SINGLE Individual crypts are formed in order to add additional rows to a mausoleum building for any configuration.  Over-sized option is available to accommodate larger caskets.

TANDEM Head to head (referred to as True Companion to consumers) crypts are formed to be two casket lengths deep so that they are entombed together, with the heads of the caskets touching for eternity.  This option accommodates a smaller, single granite or marble crypt front, saving families money due to less front.

Precast Cemetery Products
to Suit Your Specific Needs

Whether you are looking to construct a traditional mausoleum or a custom mausoleum building, regardless of the size of building, Tribute can provide superior precast crypts for your next mausoleum project.

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