A columbarium is either a stand-alone building or a wall within a mausoleum or chapel that houses individual cremation units, referred to as niches.
The quality of our products and the service you receive from our company will set us apart from what you are currently using. Our company completes stringent tests in order to assure that the strength and quality of our precast products is superior to others available. Additionally, we are certified by the National Precast Concrete association, which means that we are held to high standards of quality, testing, safety, efficiency and training.
Our company would be honored to work with you either way. Our creative design staff can help you design a building for your cemetery that will stand the test of time and blend in with the surrounding area or you can submit your own drawings to us for us to bid out the crypts and niches that are needed as well as offer a construction bid to you.
Yes, we provide this service to cemeteries in Wisconsin and also provide other operational services, administration and sales management services throughout the world.
Please contact us via telephone to discuss your project needs. It is difficult to provide pricing without thoroughly understanding the full scope of your project needs, your market and your budget guidelines. This conversation should be able to provide a cost estimate immediately.
Our company can help you determine this by asking a few simple questions about your current inventory and market needs. If further detail is needed, our company can also help you with conducting market research studies to quantify your needs.
Our company specializes in custom buildings that meet the needs of our clients and can range from a private family mausoleum to buildings that incorporate thousands of crypts and niches.
Our company distributes vaults in a very unique way than most vault manufactures but does not sell directly to individuals. Our vaults are delivered by the truckload to cemeteries throughout the Midwest and Eastern regions of the United States. The cemeteries we deliver to service and sell vaults directly to their customers.

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